1. I promise to stop being an asshole

    We’ve run a couple of articles on RVANews recently about bicycling, bicycle advocacy, and making Richmond a more bike-friendly town. I was expecting the comments to be of the “Bicycling is so great, I just wish drivers would pay more attention to cyclists!” vein. But, turns out, there are lots of people who are pissed off and tired of dealing with asshole cyclists. Which, embarrassingly, includes me.

    So, as I guy who wants to see more people using bicycles as a legitimate mode of transportation in Richmond I promise to stop being an asshole on my bike. Specifically, I’m going to stop running red lights — even the dumb ones.

    If I want to be taken seriously as a bicycle advocate (whatever that heck that means) I need to start obeying the rules. So! #redlightpromise!

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